понедельник, 21 апреля 2008 г.

The presented car it is possible to use safely as the grant on reasonable completion.
Minimum of excesses, excellent fresh ideas, excellent design taste and maximum of common sense - all
These qualities can be named the basic components of the future success without hesitation.
Naturally, nobody has forgotten about the technical party of a question, in fact appearance for any model always is at the head of a corner,
And already after there is an opportunity quickly to run a hundred-meter race.
Even usual A4 (test drive) is a премиум-model on the average a class,
What here to speak about newcomer Abt AS4 who lifts a rod up to transcendental heights.
Any seriously modified car is first of all a number of external changes,
Technical improvements and the altered interior.
In our case all the mentioned moments are considered. For the impudent front view the bumper of the changed form with pair greater air inlets answers,
Firm light-emitting diodes in the blacked out headlights of head light and fog light in slantings for cooling brake mechanisms.
Sideways the kind is more constrained, without special excesses. Here all attention is pulled together on themselves with wheel disks of new magnificent design BR,
Which can be both 18, and 19 and even 20-inch.
If to divide duties of visual completions of a body,
That a forward part will be expected to entice, and back to finish associates or amazing design,
Or the most powerful sound of four branch pipes of an exhaust system.
In Abt AS4 this part soundly can refer to ideal: accurate lanterns, a graceful bend small,
But an appreciable spoiler, and also a petticoat with run-out, surrounding exhaust branch pipes.
Whatever one may do, and this part of an external image makes the strongest impression.
The given car is interesting also to those,
That its program of completion includes not only refined external tuning,
But also the completion of a technical component mentioned earlier.
Under a cowl it is possible to establish any variant from the whole list of power-plants.
Specially for you in Abt have finished to mind all engines from a ruler usual Audi А4.
Naturally, basic place is borrowed here a diesel engine in working volume 2, and also with 2,7 and 3 litres.
In the maximum last variant gives out 300 h.p. and 600 Nanometers of the twisting moment,
Then at petrol variants you look with mistrust.
Capacity of all units have increased on 40-60 h.p. by means of package Abt Power.
But special popularity all the same it is capable to win and a petrol variant - 1.8 TFSI,
Which capacity have lifted with 160 up to 200 h.p., at the same time having increased up to 310 Nanometers and twisting moment of this motor.
New А4 even in a standard variant it is capable to surprise with opportunities of the suspension bracket and innovative active steering management,
What to speak about the modified variant.
Here shock-absorbers and springs have been separately advanced. Have not bypassed attention and brake system,
And on a choice it is possible to establish or usual system Abt with disks in diameter 345 mm,
Or sports which includes disks on 385 mm that the stop borrowed even less time.
That who seriously thinks of purchase of this car,
It is necessary to envy. Actual model in modern tuning-package,
Can, and not the best investment of money, but mood lifts securely, and special aura creates.
And in fact it just that, for what fans of tuning also pay the fabulous sums.

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